Thursday: Readers’ Roundup

March 24, 2011









Bookish goings-on and such.


*’s Featured Title of the week is the very excellent JULIAN GAME by Adele Griffin. I devoured this one.The theme of the month is Risk-taking; swing by and join the conversation!

*The inimitable @Literaticat (for those of you on twitter) offers a great post on how to proceed when your agent just isn’t feeling the love. Sounds like an icky situation that I’ve thankfully had yet to face, but her advice reads sound as ever.

*And speaking of twitter, last week’s twitter #kidlitchat was all about the evolution of self-publishing in the digital age. At my last check-in, folks were tearing up the keyboard; everyone’s got an opinion about this topic.

*On Tuesday night I went to a book release party for the very grown-up nonfiction title THE BLAME GAME by Ben Dattner. It was not unlike a typical YA book release party, except for how I was the only one there (to my knowledge) currently making a living writing YA books.

*Authoress and fellow Denizen of the Dark Side Sarah Darer Littman offers up a full recap of last week’s NYC Teen Author Fest, so now I don’t have to. Thanks, Sarah! And thanks for saying amazing things about my book in front of a room full of people!

*Ooh! Cover reveal for A BEAUTIFUL DARK by debut novelist (and former student/all-around cutie) Jocelyn Davies. Can’t wait!

*Finally, in honor of her forthcoming BFF BREAKUP, another former student and current fellow-author-and-friend (and cutie!) Taylor Morris is holding BFF Tuesdays on her blog.

Those are the highlights from these parts, people – how have bookish things been for you?


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