New rules for the “family” giveaway – just because!

March 15, 2011

My blog, my rules. So there.

Yesterday I offered an arc of “family” to any commenter or Facebook fan page follower. Fabulous authoress Nina LaCour was kind enough to take me up on my offer. But I’ve decided we can do better than one arc (don’t worry, Nina – your entry’s already covered!).

New rules for the blog giveaway:

Comment on ANY blog post between now and 4/29,

OR link to the blog/follow the blog,

OR “like” the Facebook Micol Ostow page,

and you’re entered to win:

1) a signed copy of “family”









2) an arc of my summer release, “What Would My Cellphone Do?” and










3) a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble. If you chose the link/follow or FB “like” option, shoot me a message on FB so I know to enter you!Enter the contest! Tell your friends! Heck, enter your friends! Whatevs! Giveaways are fun!


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